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 4cE – For connecting Europe

4CE Association

EXATEL is one of the founders of the 4cE (For connecting Europe) Association or Group established in 2000 at the initiative of European telecom companies related to the power engineering market.

The chief mission of the 4cE founders has been to expand the offer of the Group members with trans-European data transmission services. Currently the 4cE Group includes the following operators: EXATEL (Poland), BON - Baltic Optical Network (a joint network of Latvenergo - Latvia, Lietuvos Energija - Lithuania and Televőrk - Estonia); - Burgenland Telekom (Austria) ČEZ ICT SERVICES (Czech Republic), DONG Energy (Denmark), EVN (Austria), SEAS-NVE Service (Denmark), and Vattenfall Europe Netcom (Germany).

4cE offers broadband lines in the aforementioned European countries, as well as to Hungary, Slovakia and Russia; the Group also offers access to various telecommunication services in the portfolios of each member.

The main routes of 4cE's backbone network connect Copenhagen, Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt ab Mein, Warsaw, Prague, Bratislava, Vienna, Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn. The connections are based on SDH and DWDM, which enables simultaneous and reliable transmission of data, voice and video from speeds of 2 Mb/s to 2.5 Gb/s. The entire teleinformatic infrastructure is monitored 24/7 by specialists to guarantee the highest level of quality and security.

The increase in information exchange around the world has necessitated a greater demand for higher telecom throughputs, especially due to the growth of the Internet. Access to the 4cE Group network allows the operators to satisfy even the most specialized requirements of customers, which is critical to their business and growth.

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